Anyone accepted into the Early Hints beta yet?

Has anyone received confirmation/onboarded into the Early Hints beta yet?

How is that going for you?

Still waiting.

Nothing yet, I’m all set up for testing. Can’t wait!

It’s taking a bit of time - still waiting. Meanwhile, the Chromium beta for this is running out - available on Chrome 94 and 95 - 103 Early Hints (

Two ways of activating this to test according to the documentation. Users can add command line flag --enable-features=EarlyHintsPreloadForNavigation to enable the client-side on each browser launch or website owners can sign up for the Chrome Origin Trial, request a token Origin Trials and add the key as a header (because 103 Early hints don’t have a response body so it can’t be a meta tag).

A catch on using Origin Trial headers though: website owners have to be sure not everyone will be automatically enrolled in the origin trial so it may not be an option.

Yes, ready to test it here, still waiting for Cloudflare.

I admit I am not in any beta yet, I am on three waitlists for the new products, eagerly waiting.

I would assume enterprise, business then pro downwards would get aceess, would make sense and is done but this is just an assumption.

Fingers crossed for all.

I believe that you are mostly right, when we were considering obtaining the enterprise package, the person that attended us mentioned that there was an ongoing beta for a feature we were interested in, she said that we could get accepted without any major hesitation.

However, this is pretty much the case for most of these beta waiting lists, we have experienced the same with Github waiting lists, etc.

Yeah I can understand enterprise being first given they pay the most and business, but hopefully the pro users will get a shot soon. It’s annoying a little having all these betas and waiting, haha.

In many cases, it is actually the opposite. Lots of beta products and changes are deployed to Free users first, often on a rolling basis, to get telemetry on the impact of the change.


Just received confirmation now.

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Its enabled for me.

Can anyone tell how to check whether its working or not? In simple way (step by step). Cloudflare’s instructions couldn’t follow… bit confusing.


The blog post already has step by step instructions for Web Page Test. Please read it again.

  • Testing Early Hints with Web Page Test
    • Open (a free performance testing tool).
    • Specify the desired test URL. It should have the necessary preload/preconnect rel types in the Link header of the response.
    • Choose Chrome Canary (or any Chrome version higher than 94 ) for the browser
    • Under advanced settings, select Chromium .
    • At the bottom of the Chromium section there’s a command-line section where you should paste Chrome’s Early Hints flag:
      • –enable-features=EarlyHintsPreloadForNavigation
        • To see the page load comparison, you can rerun the test in another window without this flag and Early Hints won’t be enabled.
        • Keep in mind that Early Hints will work best for uncached/dynamic assets.


Thank You @desmondgrey. I didn’t notice the below configuration.

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