Anybody else experiencing livechat unavailability?

I have a ticket that has been sitting for days and I decided to upgrade our account to have better assistance from Cloudflare, however, at first glance the live chat isn’t there (I looked at the bottom right, tried different browsers, and logging out and back in, no changes).

Also, I was wondering if the existing tickets that I have will “automatically” update their priority or should I close them and create new ones?

Turns out the livechat is not on the dash for teams but on the “general” cloudflare dash, whoops.

Hi @jnperamo,

Afar as I am aware, no they won’t. However I wouldn’t recommend opening new tickets about the same issue as it may well just slow things down further.

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I thought they wouldn’t as well, I brought up the ticket to live chat and I was told that they are still investigating the issue.
I’ll keep waiting patiently until they give me an update.

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