Any "workers" experts here I can pick the brain of on how to do something?

I’m trying to find out if this is possible using ‘workers’

I need to send a url with a load of variables on the string, which is basically the CDATA field of a xml file

I need workers to take the variables from the string and put in the CDATA field of the xml and spit out a xml file. I’m currently doing this with php but would like to look at doing it “serverless” in effect. Is this possible with workers?

It should be pretty easy to do. Especially if it’s a single string to a single place you could basically do a string concatenation or a literal. A single line of code, basically.

i might need to set some header, but ye it pretty simple what it needs to do, workers can spit out a xml file?

actually its not a single string to a single place, the url string will chnage on every request and the cdsat field in the xml needs to chnage on every request, with whats set on the url

The workers that produce XML output I use:

cheers, will have a look at it