Any workaround for slow orange clouded routes?

Hi, I’m from Vietnam and sometime we got slow internet related to submarine / overseas cables system. I hosted a few sites on a same origin server, and while all the things are normal, i get routed through SIN / HKG / NRT (nearest and fastest colocation). But while the cables system got problem, it’s alway go through LAX (12.000KM) even WARP are used (always HKG). Today, everything seem back to normal except for 1 or 2 domains still sticked to LAX, and if it still sticked to LAX in a few days, it will stucked here for few months! My question is why A, B, C, and D domains are pointed to the same origin, the request on the same client but the POPs are different? My temp. fix for the domain got stucked with LAX is delete it from my account for 3-5 days then activate it on another account, but i can’t do it for everytime…

Are all of your sites on that origin server on Cloudflare’s Free Plan?

Thank @sdayman you busy man for quickly reply! Yes, all are on Free plan, i’m still finding a reason to subcribe to Enterprise plan when we growing up, but the global internet from here are really a problem!

If they’re all identical (same server, same plan type), then I really don’t know why they’d be routed differently. They won’t have the same public IP addresses, but most likely on the same Class B address block as each other, so I wouldn’t expect your ISP to route them differently.

If you continue to see inconsistent routing, open a ticket and let them know which domains go where and ask if they know why that would be. I hope they don’t say ISP, as that wouldn’t make sense to me.

Also, give this tool a try to see how your routing compares:

Yes, all matched (server, IP, plan…), but sadly it’s may really come with my and another ISPs here. Cloudflare services are really good even on free or paid plans, it’s save my origin to not full filled it memory and return some 5xx, but not if plus 1 - 20 seconds to the response time. Sometime it only take slow response to the DYNAMIC contents, this issue affected to any plans like some “big name”: Steam, Cloudlinux… and some optimized partners i knew. Thanks for your time!

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