Any way to solve all these issues?

Next month, we’re launching a large service which will be supported by ten other domains, all of them hosted at Godaddy.

These domains need to work without a glitch from day one so we tested how Godaddy and Cloudflare’s SSL options compare.

This is what we found:

  • 3 hours after we added Godaddy’s SSL to Domain A, the site looked and worked like any other site.

  • 40 hours after adding Cloudflare’s SSL to Domain B, it still looks like the screenshot. Sometimes, browsers also display yellow-framed warnings.

We tried Cloudflare’s health check on Domain B which returned the results below 40 hours after fixing the DS record configuration at Godaddy, following Cloudflare’s instructions. (According to Godaddy, these adjustments could take around 24 hours to implement but in our (very limited) experience it takes an hour or two.)

What the second error means, we don’t know.

The third error is also a mystery as there’s no content on the site.

So we would like to know if this is normal, or if we’re just really clueless at this and if so if there’s a an easy way to fix it all, and also make it work for ten other sites in a reliable way?


Is HTTPS working for Domain B previously?

Thank you for your reply – no, we didn’t have SSL for either domain until now.

What we wanted was to run most of the domains through Cloudflare’s free or starter package since free SSLs for all domains are obviously tempting, and our major domain through one of the paid plans for more options, but this seems pretty complicated.

You still need a valid SSL certificate installed at GoDaddy tho.

Without a valid SSL certificate in place, you’ll get Error 526 as shown in the screenshot.

Cloudflare does provide Origin Certificates for you to install for free. Go check that out.


Thank you – I don’t think I’ve seen any of this before.

We simply followed all Cloudflare’s directions step by step. If there’s more, we probably have to go with the Godaddy option.

EDIT: I looked at this again, and it’s not something we can deal with now. But we’d still like to use Cloudflare as protection for our primary site – can we do that when we’re using Godaddy’s SSL?

If GoDaddy can provide a valid SSL certificate for your website then yes. Also make sure the SSL encryption mode at Cloudflare is Full (strict).

Thank you, we’ll do that if possible.

It just turns out that the missing DS records were a Godaddy issue – we had added the records correctly twice, but they were not implemented until now apparently because of a glitch of some kind.

So we’ll give this another shot, also regarding the certificate mentioned above, though I hope there’s a step-by-step guide available somewhere.

But I still don’t understand why we get the response “_non_200 error” related to Mixed Content on the site when there literally isn’t any content on the site?

We installed the certificate and no longer get error messages on the website.

But would anyone please explain why we still get the two errors below in Cloudflare’s health test, and what to do to solve them?

# Check the HTTPS status “No, your request failed with a response status of 400 or above.”

# Check the site for mixed content response_non_200
The site’s web server responded with a status code that isn’t 200 (OK).

Both errors are obviously important, but the last one is really puzzling as there isn’t any content on the site at all…

Just wanted to say that the two remaining errors disappeared when we uploaded some test content to the site.

So if anyone’s getting those errors, it might be useful to know that they can simply occur because there’s no content on the site…

So all in all, this is really great news, and we look forward to do this for all our other domains, too.

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