Any way to pass autonomous system name as a header?

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one of my customers has an use-case where they would benefit from receiving the autonomous system name as a header from a transform rule. Currently I am passing the ASN with the available field ip.src.asnum.

As I’m aware, there’s no field which would allow for the AS name to be passed, nor any other way or feature from CF which would allow for passing of the AS name.

Just wondering if there’s any way to do this, maybe using one of the paid plans, or if I have to resort to resolving the AS name locally from a vendor database. Thank you!

The only thing that I am aware of that has the ASN name is the cf object on workers, so you would have to use a worker in front of your site to pass that on. It is probably cheaper to have the server look it up.


See this post:

You can use a Transform Rule to add ip.geoip.asnum as a header.

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