Any way to determine why an IP Address is being blocked by the firewall?

If a server is blocked by the firewall during an API request is there any way for me to determine why that IP address was blocked?

You’d have to comb through the Firewall Events Log and click the event to see which rules it was using. And then which one triggered it. To me, it’s a fairly convoluted process, but through luck and determination, I can sometimes figure it out.

Thanks for the advice here but I don’t see any logs at all in my events list. I don’t even have any firewall rules setup however I’m pretty sure the firewall is what’s doing it because when I whitelist the IP the request passes and when I remove it from the whitelist the request is blocked again.

Is this something I’d need a pro account for to review more deeply, perhaps?

No. All accounts will have Firewall Events listed in the log, regardless of what Cloudflare security feature triggered it.

You mean to say there is nothing at all in that Events List? I’ve never seen a domain with a website have an empty log.

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