Any way to contact support other than through a ticket?

I’ve had an open case for 15 days and no one answers me.

It turns out that I can’t pay for my domains because it gives me error 10000, I have already tried with several cards and Paypal and nothing works, I have a good billing address, my cards do not have any restrictions, I tried credit, debit, visa, mastercard, Paypal business, personal , nothing works, I have 2 expired domains and they expire in less than 30 days and no one gives me an answer to this, I think I will lose the domains because I do not receive support from cloudflare

Any solution for error 10000? I already tried clearing cache, changing browsers…

I see a lot of replies on your ticket and the suggestion to Registrar transactions are not yet supported through PayPal. Please ensure you set up a credit card as your primary payment method.

I do not see the 10000 error, but if you keep getting the error, can you let us know here or on your ticket 3243239?

I have already tried all the payment methods, error 10000 always appears. Paypal, mastercard, visa, debit, credit, everything is the same, card from the United States, from Uruguay, I always put the corresponding billing address, nothing works, the ticket Cloudflare is very slow, 15 days open and nothing yet

It sounds like you followed the advice from the agent from their May 10 reply and used a card. Earlier today, I took steps to correct for the error 10000, if you’ve tried with a card in the last 15 minutes and still encounter the error, let me know and I will flag your post for my Billing colleagues.

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Well, maybe it was a coincidence, but I changed the email to the same one from my company and the one I use on Paypal and this time it worked! Thank you so much!

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