Any way to change the DNS Servers if used as a registrar?


I am using Cloudflare as the domain registrar for several domains.
On some of them, I should use a 3rd party as the dns servers, in order to get the service working.
I can add the new DNS servers, but the CF ones always stay in and are dominant.

I manually added the A and CNAME records which are stored in that other dns server, but still fail to get this working.

If there is a solution, I am appreciating your help!

Many thanks

No, that’s not possible.

if I’m replicating all entries which are given by the other dns servers, that should have the same effect at the end, or not? (just didnt work so far)

Tha’s the only option. You need to set the needed records here and that should work.
Given, you changed the nameservers for your domains to those provided by cloudflare.

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