Any way to categorize by custom data?

This is a long shot, but it would be super helpful so I thought I’d ask…

Is there any way to get Analytics to categorize data by custom data? For example, if I had a group of similar pages that I wanted to group together then maybe I could assign them a certain META tag or header or something, and then the “Page views summary” could show the name for that custom tag.

The “Paths” group, for example, has no value to me at all because it’s too vague. But grouping them together by my own custom tag would be SUPER helpful!

Hey there,

I’m afraid the dashboard does not have such functionality right now. You can download the data and play around with them in a CSV. Alternatively, (this will take a bit more work and technical knowledge) you can use Workers to get Cloudflare logs where you can get a lot more data.

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