Any way to bypass self hostet homepage wich get access restrictions by goverment?


I am hosting a Forum community on my Webserver.
The homepage get access restictions by the turkish goverment due a compain from the Turkish Football Federation. Users from Turkey can no longer access the community.

After my research, this access restriction can be apply if illegal video streams are distributed on a website. Which I absolutely agree and also I support.

However the problem is that in my forum community there NO illegal streams are distributed, basically there streams none at all.

I have already contacted the relevant office and asked them to provide me the reason and proof of the claim. The funny thing is that they can’t provide any reason or evidence, they just reply back “it was decided, we don’t have to provide any evidence”. Getting back an such amateur response shocked me and it’s unfair in my mind.

Now I am researching for a solution to bypass this idiotic access restriction?

There are also other domains/websites on my web server that can be accessed without any problems.
Which means that the restriction is not based on IP, I believe it does appearsjust the specific community domain.
My domains are registred here on CF.

I would be very happy about any help and ideas.

Kindly regards.

If a government is blocking your site, then Cloudflare is unable to help. You can try changing your DNS servers to Cloudflare’s to see if that unblocks your site.

Domain registered on CF, so already using CF DNS.

Not your site’s authoritative nameservers, but your own resolving nameservers can be set to Cloudflare’s

Got it, also my local DNS set to
I can reach the other domains which are hosted on the same web server. Just the certain domain is blocked.

And I would also that my other members from Turkey which are not using CF DNS can reach the community.

Are there any solution to bypass that unfair stupid restriction?

It is likely that the restriction is by coercing local (= turkish) ISP/DNS providers to block that domain, so that the only solution is if your users bypass those DNS providers.

But of course, that’s not something you can do. Also, I don’t think there’s anything Cloudflare can do about this.

You can only tell your users to use a better (non-censoring) DNS server (probably even, or, etc.)
Good luck!

Thanks for your suggestion mate.

Unfortunately changing the DNS to CF DNS or and other other public DNS Server on client site doesn’t solve the issue, the site keeps unreachable form turkey

Are the alternate DNS servers being accessed by secure methods, either DoT or DoH? If not the DNS traffic could be interpreted by the ISP.

Ultimately this is something that the party doing the blocking will need to resolve and is outside of the realm of something that you can fix with Cloudflare.

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