Any updates to APO plugin?

Cloudflare team - upgrades to the APO plugin have been promised but have not been delivered, please advise on the status of the Wordpress APO plugin development.

APO is literally from another era. One where only higher level plans could bypass cache on cookie, and KV seemed like a good place to store APO cache.

It’s going to have to be completely re-engineered to better align with the current featureset at Cloudflare. At this point, bypass cache for cookies is the easy part. Intelligent cache purge is going to be the challenge.

If I could make a wish for APO, it’d be that it would do Purge Cache by Cache-Tags behind the scenes, and auto-set those cache-tags according to Wordpress’ categories, tags, author, etc. Cache Tags is Enterprise, but considering that Bypass Cache on Cookie used to be Biz/Ent and they snuck it into APO, maybe they can do the same for Cache-Tags.

Is there something in particular you’re expecting to see changed in APO?

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