Any updates regarding the beacon support to disable WARP on specific network?

I am trying to disable the warp client on my local network as it really destroys network performance.

In the non-team-managed version of the warp iOS app, you can have it always enabled for wifi and cellular and turn it off for specific SSIDs. This post here explains why this isn’t ideal and the option doesn’t exist. They intimated that a fix for this was coming in Q2. Is this still in the works? I’m trying to set this up for my wife to access some of our home services remotely and securely, and without the auto connect feature, this whole initiative is a non-starter unfortunately.


+1, I am looking for this exact feature before using zero trust / Cloudflare one.

Hoping it arrives soon!

Also waiting for this feature. There is no point having Warp enabled on a local network.

You have the local network setup as an exclude in the Split Tunnel Config?

That is Zero Trust Dashboard → Settings → Network; Split Tunnel config

Typically this is set to exclude, you have the local network excluded?

Also waiting for this feature. Split tunnel doesn’t help if you want to access that resource while remote and on WARP.

this is now done via managed networks in the warp client I believe: