Any updates on Route matching vs .html?

There is an issue with /page.html redirects to /page, I see this is known, there are many topics.

In one of them, WalshyMVP, the guy from Pages team, says that we will have an option for this in the future.

I just wanted to ask how close is the future?

And if I use the .html.html hack now, how stable is it? If you release the option it will be disabled by default?

It’s not a known issue just a style not everyone wants.

We generally don’t give ETAs, roadmap items move, higher priorities come up, etc.

Wd have no intention of breaking anyone so no, this will not break. We also won’t be changing this option by default and breaking tons of sites. This will be an option that needs to be manually changed.

everyone wants to have control
if they load page.html, it should be accessible through page.html,
and not the “style that someone likes” :slight_smile:

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I agree. Extension-less is the main “style” these days which is why it was the default. I agree there should be a setting and there will be. I just can’t give an ETA.

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