Any training of Zaraz Cloudflare Google Analytics?

Someone have known any training or course about Zara and google analytics?? Because i would like to know how to use to in my website. I already integrate with google analytics, but I don’t know how to use the rules or trigger.

I assume you can get started with the doc:

Hi thanks, but I don’t have too much information how to use those code. Just to clarify I am not techy Savy in program. I need how to use this parameter.

Also understand each one and how to apply in Zaraz


Property Type Description
Track Name String Returns the name of the event sent using the Track method of the Web API. Refer to the Track method for more information.
Track Property: name: String Returns the value of a zaraz.track() eventProperties key. The key can either be directly used in zaraz.track() or set using zaraz.set(). Set the name of your key here. Refer to the Set method for more information.

​​Page Properties

Property Type Description
Page character encoding String Returns the document character encoding from document.characterSet.
Page referrer String Returns the page referrer from document.referrer.
Page title String Returns the page title.
Query param: name: String Returns the value of a URL query parameter. When you choose this variable, you need to set the name of your parameter.
URL String Returns a string containing the entire URL.
URL base domain String Returns the base domain part of the URL, without any subdomains.
URL host String Returns the domain (that is, the hostname) followed by a : and the port of the URL (if a port was specified).
URL hostname String Returns the domain of the URL.
URL origin String Returns the origin of the URL — that is, its scheme, domain, and port.
URL password String Returns the password specified before the domain name.
URL pathname String Returns the path of the URL, including the initial /. Does not include the query string or fragment.
URL port String Returns the port number of the URL.
URL protocol scheme String Returns the protocol scheme of the URL, including the final :.
URL query parameters String Returns query parameters provided, beginning with the leading ? character.
URL username String Returns the username specified before the domain name.


Property Type Description
Cookie: name: Object Returns cookies obtained from the browser document.

​​Device properties

Property Type Description
Browser engine String Returns the type of browser engine (for example, WebKit).
Browser engine version String Returns the version of the browser’s engine.
Browser name String Returns the browser’s name.
Browser version String Returns the browser’s version.
Device CPU String Returns the device’s CPU.
Device IP address String Returns the incoming IP address.
Device language String Returns the language used.
Device screen resolution String Returns the screen resolution of the device.
Device type String Returns the type of device used (for example, iPhone).
Device viewport String Returns the visible web page area in user’s device.
Operating system name String Returns the operating system.
Operating system version String Returns the version of the operating system.
User-agent string String Returns the browser’s user agent.


Property Type Description
Random number Number Returns a random number unique to each request.
Timestamp (milliseconds) Number Returns the Unix time in milliseconds.
Timestamp (seconds) Number Returns the Unix time in seconds.

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Thanks yair I registered in the meeting.