Any tips for creating a new application with a worker?


I’m new to creating applications and I’d love any tips on best practices. I cloned the starter app and I’ve been playing around with it. It looks like webpack builds the javascript. Can I use source maps somehow to debug it?

I’ve also created a worker. All I do is return “Hello world” for all requests but it doesn’t seem to do anything:

`async function handleRequest(request) {
return new Response(‘Hello world’);

addEventListener(‘fetch’, event => {

Do workers not run in preview? If not how do you test them before deploying an application?

Any other tips for approaching app development?



I’ll reply with what I’ve found so far. I ended up using serverless to build and deploy an a hello world app. Docs are here:

Here’s a link to the serverless plugin. There are a few more details here:

A few debugging tips:

Since webpack builds a single bundle that isn’t especially easy to read I found myself doing a lot of console.log and then checking the console after each deploy. I would still like to see some kind of source map support but for building simple apps console.log works.