Any Timelines for supporting country specific domains?

Lots of Country specific domains are not yet supported by cloudflare registrar?

is there any tracker for country specific domains availability?

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You can find the full list of Registrar/Transfer supported domains here:

Bear in mind they are running behind on adding some of the “Available Soon” ones.
If it is not listed anywhere on that page then it is not supported (yet)
Any new ones will be added to that page

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Ive seen that link and its random TLDs which is on the pipeline.
why not have a focus on country specific domains where it helps the decision maker?

eg: i have 200 clients across the globe, most of the prefer to have their specific country domain than to go with generic TLDs.
so, if i have to use cloudflare only 10% of the clients only i can migrate rest has to be managed in multiple domain registrars.

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