Any quota limitation on DNS records creations?

We are receiving the following errors when creating the records after few of them are created.

“code\”:81045,\“message\”:\“The record quota has been exceeded.\”}

Hi @stackflow1 ,

Yes, there is a limit to the number of DNS records you can create per domain, as you can find in Cloudflare’s DNS FAQs.

It’s the 5th FAQ:

"Does Cloudflare limit number of DNS records a domain can have?

Yes. Currently Free, Pro, and Business customers have a limit on the number of DNS records they can create.

If you are an Enterprise customer you can contact your Account team if you require more DNS records."

So probably you have already reached the limit of DNS records for that domain.

Hope it helps!

Tony Santos

Define few.

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1,000 on free plans, 3,500 on paid plans. (Open to correction, I last tested this two years ago).