Any plans for .EU tld?


EU isn’t just another country’s tld but a requirement for many European sites.
Any eta for eu support at Cloudflare?



The story is generally the same for each tld

They probably can’t say they have plans for a specific TLD until the contract is signed and/or the TLD is implemented.

In general, CF would love to support every TLD they can, but there might be some reasons for not supporting one:

  • some TLDs may be unavailable due to sanctions (ex. domains on the iran TLD can’t currently be added to Cloudflare)
  • some TLD operators may just not like CF’s business model. Many TLDs have been artificially inflated (I believe some culprits are .gg and .io) and the registry may not be happy with their domain “losing merit” by having a registrar offer the wholesale price.

CC domain name transfer

Same problem. Would love a trustworthy party like CF to manage our domains. But ours are .EU too.