Any plan to support Gatsby Incremental Builds in Cloudflare Pages?

Currently Cloudflare pages do not support Gatsby Incremental builds, do complete rebuilds on changes instead. Supporting Gatsby incremental build will significantly cut down build times.
Features like incremental builds improve DX of JAM stack users.
Any plan to support incremental builds for Gatsby?

Netlify, Gatsby Cloud already support this.

@WalshyMVP Are you someone from CF Pages team? or know someone from pages team?
I desperately want to know is there any plan to support Gatsby Incremental Builds in CF pages?
IMHO this is a crucial feature for JAM stack sites at scale.

The Pages Team tend to hang out more on the Discord server, so as you have not received a response here, I would recommend asking on Discord if you haven’t already.

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Thanks for the reply! I am already there do you know anyone’s usernames so I could page? since there are lots of messages it is hard for someone to get noticed.

I am not on there I’m afraid, but I believe there is a pages channel for questions like this.

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