Any other options to define good IP's or hosts, than creating bypass FW rule?

Currently I’m using a list of IP’s that are ‘‘good’’ and shouldn’t be blocked, or challenged. Currently, the only way of enabling this traffic is to create a firewall rule and selecting a bypass option for all this traffic.

I’m not sure if this is the best option, as there are thousands of Firewall events (bypass) created.

My questions: Is there another option on how to specify or tell Cloudflare that this is a good traffic, even though it is constantly creating requests to same path every few seconds?

Hi there,

You can create an IP access rule to achieve this :slightly_smiling_face: Creating a rule with action “Allow” here will cause matching requests to bypass the Firewall.

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Thanks for this.

I tried with Firewall rule for ‘‘Allow’’ as well. But in that case, I got an allow request followed by a block action taken by browser integrity check.

The option you mentioned, works as expected. With only an Allow event and no additional Cloudflare security checks.

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