Any MAC IOS or Desktop will not load my site

When loading my site on any MAC system the DNS fails. my server has no idea what address is called from Cloudflare. im using Centos CWP by redhat.

What is the website?

bluebrad com is my domain im having problems with.

i now think its the DNS with my server. and may not be cloud flair but when i do proxy on the domain it will work but breaks my shop site. ?

Unrelated to anything you are addressing here, you have three SPF records. Only one is permissible. You will need to update the one you want to keep to ensure that it contains the requisite mechanisms and delete the extra SPF records.

i did not think SPF could crash the site?

its only in Safari when running on apples DNS.

It cannot, which is why I lead with:


Having more than one SPF record will cause all SPF checks to fail, which can cause email delivery issues, so it seemed important enough to mention, even though it is off-topic for this specific conversation.

:person_shrugging: using my ISP’s DNS server and Safari on a mac it loads. If your configured DNS resolver isn’t working you might try testing with dig at the command line to determine what response isbeing provided.

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in my wifes iphone its not loading. i have a feeling because its Apples DNS proxy service witch i cant find to turn off.

works over the home wifi so i know its not the device its the network its connecting from.

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