Any Limit on Cache Size

My site is primarily a content site and hence I can cache entire pages.
Just want to know is there any limit on the cache part per site/account?

I am writing so because my cache hit percentage is just 40% which I believe must exceed 90% as I am caching pages for one 1month.

Also any dashboard i can refer to what pages are not getting served from the edge?

There’s no limit on the total size your cache can be per site/account. The only limit there really is, is the file size limits, which differs per plan.

Cached content is not always kept in cache for the entire lifetime. Cache eviction regularly happens based on several factors like how frequently it’s accessed on a PoP.

You can see detailed information about what is and isn’t cached in the cache analytics tab

i don’t find above info for a free account?

If you’re referring to the cache analytics, you need to have at least the pro plan for that.

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thats sad :frowning:

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