Any Joomla users here?

Hello, guys!

Do we have any Joomla users here which can help me with perfect Joomla cache settings?

So, a few days ago I started with Cloudflare which can do all the caching for my site.

But, in Joomla admin there is:

Global Configuration - Cache setting - System Cache

  1. Caching off (disabled)
  2. Conservative caching
  3. Porgresive caching

I set: ON - Conservative caching

AND in joomla admin there is plugin “System - Page Cache” I enable it and set:
Use Browser Caching - NO


After that here are my Cloudflare caching settings:

Caching Level - Standard
Browser Cache TTL - 4 hours
Argo Tiered Cache - Enabled

With that settings I have:

Total pages: 91.36k
Served by Cloudflare: 73.26k
Served by Origin: 18.1k
Hit: 70.58h
Miss: 950


What do you think about these settings?
Is there any optimization / correction which I can make?

Thank you and regards,

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