Any interest in a community version of the WordPress plugin

First off, thank you to all the hard-working folx at Cloudflare supporting Stream!

I wanted to confirm that the official WordPress plugin is not under active development (none of us can do everything!). If so, I was wondering if anyone at Cloudflare has any interest in managing community contributions?

I’m thinking of making some updates to the WordPress plugin (starting with bug fixes), and I’m happy to either contribute or just maintain a fork. But since I might want to submit a fork to the WordPress plugin repository so others could benefit more easily, I wanted to see if there’s anyone to coordinate with first. I don’t want to hijack any ongoing efforts here!

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Just following up on this. Not to put you on blast, but @renan and @zaid do either of you have any thoughts on pursuing a separate fork vs. contributing to the official plugin? I appreciate the GitHub repo, but it looks like PRs and issues are not monitored there (please correct me if I’m wrong!).

@Bink has done some great work on this and I’m thinking of contributing PRs to their fork so we’re at least pooling independent efforts.

Down the road, would you have any objection trying to get an independent fork into the WordPress plugin repo so there’s a working alternative? I want to see Stream be as successful and popular as possible, and having a fully operational WordPress plugin might be a way to help!

Hi David! Thanks for reaching out. Sent you a DM — let’s chat.

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Got it - thank you so much!

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