Any info about Cloudflare time servers?

Now Cloudflare has a DNS server. Why not also set up NTP time servers?
Microsoft and NIST both have time servers. However, they were not as good and had a lot of downtime. So Apple and Google set up their time servers as well. Will Cloudflare do the same thing?

Also, some examples of time servers:
and so on.

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I’d like to know this as well. It looks like it’s not currently an NTP server, either.
[[email protected] ~]# ntpq -p timed out, nothing received
***Request timed out

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Anyone been using this in prod? We are using Google’s NTP servers as they have good latency world wide but there is the smearing issue. Cloudflare has even better latency around the globe and does not smear so we are potentially looking to change but I am a bit hesitant due to short track record.

I presume they have the same availability as all other services, so it’s like basically 100% uptime always. Also there is no issue if it stops working for a few minutes once in a while, unless you are relying on it for constant time updates, but then it would probably be easier to directly use GPS.

Availability is one thing. Providing the correct time when requested is another. NTP clients are much better at handling the former. I am more concerned about the latter.

I am obviously not on the team, but from what I know they were using that internationally and are using it internally for their servers’ time. It will be consistent.

Also you should never use a single server if that is paramount.

Unfortunately there are many devices out there that only support a single ntp server so you have to choose wisely.

Then use the various NTP pools, they offer multi server failover…

So far, I figure they’re usually ±1 ms, and always ±5 ms, compared to nearby stratum 1s.

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