Any existing worker example for authentication?

Hi there,

Trying to make nextjs webapp work on Cloudflare instead of vercel. I can really benefit from expert advise on what authentication method or service i can use? The goal of the webapp is to handle user registration and store data on Cloudflare D1. Let the user login and add additional data like name, phone other preferences etc.

Want to make the nextjs webapp fully functional using only Cloudflare services as much as possible. So i wonder if there are exisitng examples, video tutorials etc. which can help me achieve this.


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I have the same issue. I’ve not seen a proper working example of tutorial for works.
I have issues importing node libraries for supporting JWT token validation, and I’ve only got that far off my own research. None of the worker examples in the official docs seems to work out of the box.

These both work on Workers:

Thanks for sharing, I’ll have a look at these! :+1: