Any comments on using a .click vs something else?

Hi, looking for info on using cloudflare to monitor some websites and sass products and if we can run on a .click domain or need to be on a .com thank you.

Is there any risk using a .click domain? Also, is there any specific domains that need to be used for a sass product? thank you.


Thank you for asking.

As far as I know, Cloudflare services can work with all TLDs.

In the sea of different TLDs we’re seeing comming up each day as a new and a fancy ones in past few years, I haven’t used .click yet, however there shouldn’t be an issue.

Furthermore, Cloudflare Radar may mark it or categorize it in a non-relevant category, however there is always a way tor re-categorize it to the correct one with few clicks :wink:

Nevertheless, .com TLD might be more known to the users and potential customers of your SaaS product/service, therefrom create a greater bound of trust rather than using it over the .click TLD if that’s a concern.

Despite the pricing models, there are some differences between some TLDs, for example on some you can use DNSSEC, on others you cannnot, there could be some pricay data involved and so on.

As far as I’ve checked on Namecheap for both .click and .com under the section " Domain Information for .click" and " Domain Information for .com", they both support the above stated and provide more information.

Please, find more useful information at the links from below:

From my personal opinion, I would suggest you to go with the .com.

May I ask if you’re planning to register a domain at Cloudflare Registrar or some 3rd-party like Namecheap, etc.? :thinking:

I ask because Cloudflare Registrar does support .com and can be registered, while it does not yet support the “.click” extension. But, you can register it at Namecheap, therefrom you point the nameservers to the ones which you’d be given and assigned for your Cloudflare account in the process of adding a Website to your Cloudflare account.

You can check the supported extensions by the following link from below:

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