Any chance to get a "dark mode" theme for Cloudflare community and/or CF Dashboard?

Recently, as I am available overnight and work night shifts, was wondering if there is a possibility to select a “dark mode” theme for the Cloudflare community forum?

Currently I do not see it as available, or I am missing something or even looking at the wrong options?

And if possible for Cloudflare dashboard too.

Even @discobot “said” it is possible to choose, but not yet :confused:

This white is too much for me at night :smiley:


I saw the Cloudflare website now has a dark mode, could you add the dark mode on the forum?

Dark Reader is good for now but yes!


Same as already (previous) here :wink: :

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Apologies, I didn’t see that :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hopefully, will come too in a close future :wink:


Recently, the Cloudflare dashboard had a thing added to it called “Dark mode” and I’m wondering if that option is available in the Cloudflare Community? If not, it would be a good idea to add, wouldn’t it?

Not yet as far as I have checked, but may I ask you to vote here :wink:

Until then, when I work nightshifts or at lower light conditions, I use Web browser extension like Dark Reader from here (is okay, but not perfect):

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I feel this would be a very great idea and they should add it soon!

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I believe the team is working behind the scenes in terms of accessibility and a dark theme for CF Community :wink:

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This forum could use a dark theme layout.


Hey :slight_smile:

Thanks for suggestion.
Please, add your vote at this topic here (scroll to the first post - top of this topic - and click on the button “Vote”) if you want it too :wink:

Until then, I am using and could suggest you this one:

Thank you for letting us know

Let there be dark mode

Dark mode IS real (as seen in the screenshot)

Also, you can achieve this for PC (if you have Chrome) as well! :wink:

Here’s how

  1. Visit chrome://flags

  2. Enable the flag “Auto dark mode for all web contents”


  1. Restart your device (or browser)

  2. Enjoy the Cloudflare Community with dark mode!

However, this does kinda create a high contrast effect for people’s profile pictures which contain a mainly light theme!

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@fritex and everyone else that was involved in this conversation: Dark mode is possible in the Cloudflare Community!

No, not just the instructions I gave

(This text will be blurred)

I mean, you can set the interface to allow dark mode!

Dark mode can even be set automatically!

It’ll regard a moderator or admin to do this, but it’s possible!