Any chance for email generator API for user with Bitwarden and similar?

Would be nice to be able to generate random email addresses via API similar to Apple’s hide my email, firefox relay, fastmail, etc for user with Bitwarden or other such tools.

If you use Cloudflare Email Routing and have a catch-all rule, you can just make up an address when you need one. There is no need to generate them in advance.

The problem with the catch-all approach is that every possible email username is now a spam target. It’s a more effective spam reduction strategy to only activate the unique usernames when they are needed. Automating the process is very attractive.


Yes, exactly the reason to generate random addresses. I do not use catch-all and would love to consolidate here on my own domain instead of using the generic Firefox Relay one like I currently am. The ability to shutoff individual addresses when the spam starts, or blackhole them has been so nice to have!

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