Any benefit when using Argo with GCP CDN Interconnect?


From my understanding of how Argo works, would it be correct to assume that it should provide little to no performance gains (in terms of routing alone - not caching) when used on a site that is hooked up to the Google Cloud Platform CDN Interconnect - as I would imagine traffic would immediately hit CloudFlare’s network after leaving Google’s network regardless of whether or not Argo is enabled?


Argo will also preconnect your server for future HTTP request, this will definitely lower the TTFB time, especially if you are using GCE directly. That’s because inter-connect won’t do HTTP preconnect.

However, for GCS, GAE and Google Cloud Load Balancer (also called Google Cloud CDN), they’ve been preconnected through Google Global Cache (GGC), so for those services, Argo is useless. Actually GGC = Cloudflare + Argo, or even better.


Argo tiered cache could further reduce the CDN egress bandwidth (cost savings more than performance). But generally argo is focused more on improving performance for the dynamic content on a site rather than the static content, so where you still have origin servers serving up dynamic content (even where assets may be leveraging GCP CDN) there is the opportunity for potential performance increases.

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