Any benefit using cloudflare with squarespace?

Since a few years ago, I have used Cloudflare to provide my ssl because earlier versions of squarespace had no ability to provide this.

All seems fine, but now that squarespace has its own ability to do this, aside from convenience, is there any advantage to staying with Cloudflare?

Ultimately, like many. my main goel is speedy loading times. Wondering which method would be more conducive to this. It would seem to me that the obvious answer would be to switch over to squarespace and disconnect Cloudflare, but perhaps I’m missing something.
Thank you!

Also, would switching to Cloudflare “pro” make any difference? $20 a month is worth faster load times IMO

Pro really isn’t going to make a difference in speed for most situations. Pro is good for other features. The CDN part of Cloudflare is going to help the most, and that’s free.

With careful use of a Cache Everything page rule, you can really speed up your Squarespace site.

If I had a static Squarespace site, I’d put Cloudflare in front of it just for the caching.


thank you!

Can you expand a bit on the benefits of Cloudflare caching and what is great about it?
Also, would you say Cloudflare would make anything slower vs squarespace’s built in?

right now I have all my Cloudflare settings to recommended settings, I don’t know enough about this to do much fine tuning, so I went with the general defaults and have all squarespace security turned off.

Also, any advice on tweaking my Cloudflare settings is welcome.

From what I can see, Squarespace enforces Cache-Control: no-cache on all pages and assets, so Cloudflare full page cache would have no effect. Am I missing something?

CF will override this header if a page rule for Cache Everything has also Edge Cache TTL in it.

From the help on Caching:
If the Cache-Control header is set to “private”, “no-store”, “no-cache”, or “max-age=0”, or if there is a cookie in the response, then Cloudflare will not cache the resource, unless a Page Rule is set to cache everything and an Edge Cache TTL is set.

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