Any address redirects instead of a 404

Hi there,

I tried using the paid ticket system to resolve this one, but even after providing proof I had no code on my test website, I am told I do have code.

My website is and if I try to visit for example, then part of my site is still returned.

I had previously setup a test github repo with only an index.html file with the string “Under Maintenance”, however still the issue would happen with the test site and still I am told by Miguel Correia that I have code on my site.

I wish to make it so non-existent resources return the expected 404 error page.

Any help on this would be much appreciated, or even some information on how to track down the cause.

Thanks to anyone who can take the time to help me out with this.

Where is the site hosted?

If this is Cloudflare Pages, please read: Serving Pages · Cloudflare Pages docs

Otherwise, I’d contact your hosting provider.


Wow, thanks! Yes this was on Cloudflare Pages and I forgot to mention that.

It took days and days of a paid customer support employee complaining that, even my test site with no code, was the issue due to my own code. Didn’t even put me to a different employee for support when requested.

I just put a simple 404.html at the root of my Github Repo and bam the issue is gone. Doesn’t even need any code in the file. It just works.

Very much appreciated!
Paid support should be ashamed and I will no doubt end up cancelling that pro plan.

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