Antivirus gateway to scan uploaded & downloaded files

Can Cloudflare Zero Trust - AV scanning be configured to scan files duing uploading and downloading? If not, is there any Cloudflare service that meets the above needs and what is the pricing model?

Currently, I am running a small web application behind Cloudflare’s proxy service. One feature of this app is to let customers outside my organization upload and download files.

To protect the web server, we are looking for an antivirus gateway which can scan the file content when customers upload a file to my server and download a file from my server.

I really appreciate any help.


Yes, Cloudflare Zero Trust can be set to scan files during up/downloading. It has some limitations, though:

The following files cannot be scanned and will be blocked or allowed based on whether the admin configured Gateway to fail open or closed:

  • Files larger than 15MB cannot be scanned.
  • Password protected archives
  • Archives with more than 3 recursion levels
  • Archives with more than 300 files
  • PGP encrypted files

Please check the documentation for details. You can also contact a Cloudflare sales engineer to discuss other possibilities.