Anti DDos for my own hosted server

Im hosting a game server (Rust) on my pc, i want to know if is possible get the anti ddos cloduflare system layer 7 to mitigate all the attacks from ddos who iam getting.

Layer7 attacks towards your web server? Sure.
Layer7 attacks towards your game server? No.

I suppose on an Enterprise plan with Spectrum, one could use Firewall Rules, but that’s a ton of money. And probably doesn’t count as Layer 7.


Yeah, I wonder if CF has anything for this on the enterprise range; in our company, we have to rely on rate limiting and packet size checks; there isn’t much you can do if the attack is somewhat complex.

I remember we had one customer that hosted a GTA server. While we mitigated a good portion of the attack, it still overwhelmed the server because the packets seemed indistinguishable in our firewalls.

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So it’s doesn’t worth it get this protection is not going to work to mitigate attacks with 75gbps :frowning:

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