Answer from our POS (RedSys in Spain) stopped reaching us

We have been working Ok with our POS and Cloudflare for a long time.
We are located in Spain and use Redsys.

Today (9th of June) from 11 am requests from our POS communicating the result of the purchase have stopped being received by our site.
Just to verify that it was a problem related to Cloudflare we have “proxied” the records in the DNS and everything was back to normal. Everything worked again.

As this problem suddenly arrised today and no changes have been done by us…
Any ideas please?
Any mantenanice going on that could affect this?

Thanks a lot for your help :pray:


Same problem here from today. I disabled Clouflare proxy and now notificacions are received successfuly :S

I hope we get an answer soon. Our systems are exposed while proxy is disabled.

Can you find the events where the requests from the POS are blocked or challenged? Events are here,


Right now I have proxied again the records and tried a purchase.
In this case everything has worked right:
I got the answer from RedSys (my POS) and the purchase was registered in my systems.

When checking security events for the last 30 minutes I could check that the event 31627 - REDSYS-ES-AS was triggered again (this is mandatory for RedSys to work).

Yesterday, this event was triggered until 11:01 (Madrid time) and from there on it was not shown, even purchase attempts where made by users.

It works now, it is true… but I’d love to find out why it stopped working.

To give further details I verified in my POS console that its answer was being sent to my servers but the they got a “connect timed out” when sending the message to us.

Thanks for all your support.


we’ve 2 online shops and we’ve the exact same problem. At the same time, 9th May 11am, it became to fail. There is no entries in the events log when it fail.

Today it has began to work again at 10:56 until 11:24 that was crash again. When it worked, there were events displayed and everything was normal.

Personally, I think that Redsys has changed something and they are fixing it

Today (may 10th) We have been registering successful purchases all day long.
Even after 11:24 when you say it crashed again.
I cross my fingers as I say it :blush:.

Hi! We’ve the same issue in the same periods.

@Natur does it work now for you?

From 12:21, It seems everything is ok. We have 6/6 orders that RedSys has notificated to our server.

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