Ansible role to setup argo tunnel

Hi Community

I use Ansible since a long for setting up my infrastructure. I find it quite cool and very simple to use. So I’ve created ansible-role-cloudflared.

This ansible role does download and install cloudflared on the host and optionally installs the [argo-tunnel] as a service.

The role is made in a way that you can install mutiple services in parallel - simply run the role several times with different parameters service_name, hostname and url

Hope this is of use for others as well. Feedback is welcome either here or in Github.



I haven’t tried your solution yet but I do have several questions as I’m also looking for a nice solution to this problem

The functionality I’m after is to automate the login aspect of my cloudflared so I don’t need to keep handling cert.pem files between each client and needing to rotate such.

I did come across this repository but again I have not tried it yet

Well at the moment I have to manually manage the certificate.

Thanks for the link, that sounds quite interesting