Another "website not active (DNS modification pending)" question

I’ve read my way through the posts about this issue and still no result. Nameservers for the domain look good in my opinion. Does anyone have any pointers in what could be wrong here? The DNS setting have not been changed in over a week and rechecking in the Cloudflare account is without result.

Thanks in advance!

This WHOIS lookup still shows name servers at counterpointhosting

$ dig +short NS @
$ whois
Name Server:
Name Server:

You should contact your registrar ( about this.

Lost in te world of DNS translation. I always assumed the WHOIS was pointing at the name of the registrar and thus the nameservers were correct. According to: the nameservers have been set correctly.

Thanks for your help! I will contact my registrar about this.

To start off with, remember that WHOIS is informational and has no technical relevance to how requests to your domain are handled. Tools such as dig can help you learn the truth, and luckily there are some free web tools which make dig accessible.

Currently is not pointing to Cloudflare and we can see here.

However, by adding +trace we can see what is going on: the .cloud servers tell us that for we should ask 3600 IN NS 3600 IN NS
;; Received 85 bytes from in 16 ms

Then when you ask, it says try asking 3600 IN NS 3600 IN NS
;; Received 170 bytes from in 98 ms

However, this is a horizontal delegation which is not permitted in DNS. You must go to the registrar where the domain was registered and update the nameserver delegation records there. What you have actually done is changed the records at the host (these look similar, but have a different technical result).


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