Another Turnstile problem in Chrome

I’ve started testing out Turnstile as a potential replacement for hCaptcha on a few sites, but I’ve run into a problem in my testing where in Chrome it will get stuck, repeatedly failing.

I saw a similar post about problems in Chrome in incognito mode; I am not in incognito mode, for reference.

Everything works fine in Firefox, I can load the page with the Turnstile script and div in it, and the Turnstile embed loads and pretty quickly displays “Success!” with the green checkmark. I can reload the page multiple times, and it always results in success. No problems at all, no need for me to verify that I’m human.

Loading the same page in Chrome, usually the first page load it will quickly return “Success!”, just like above. Which is good. However, reloading the page, or going away from it and back, results almost every time in the “Verify you are human” checkbox showing up. Which would be acceptable, except when I then check the box, it basically always results in “Failure!” the first time (and usually many subsequent times). Then after a few seconds, it will reload, presenting the “Verify you are human” checkbox challenge. Which usually continues to result in “Failure!” repeatedly, but sometimes I do get a success after a few failures.
Why it would be returning a failure when I check the box as requested is beyond me. Shouldn’t that pretty much always confirm humanity? Non-botness?

However, if I wait a while, then try reloading that page again in Chrome, or even checking the box to indicate I’m human again if it’s still there, it will give another success. Then it will repeat the pattern of failures described above after subsequent reloads.

Again though, in Firefox, it always automatically passes for me. I only have problems in Chrome. I haven’t tested other browsers. Obviously many many people use Chrome. And if they need to reload/resubmit a registration form or other such form which is using Turnstile for verification, I don’t want our users going through this kind of problem.

I guess you guys are still working out the kinks?

When you encounter the “Failure” state can you click the Cloudflare logo 5 times and send us a screenshot of the qr code?

Sure. Here’s one, where I set the theme to light:

And here’s another, the other site I tested it on, with nothing changed from default:

They are different Turnstile sites and keys, for reference. Same behavior though.

I should also say, clicking the Cloudflare logo leads to an info page on your site. For me, rapidly clicking on the red icon next to “Failure!” is what instead brings up the QR code.

Same problem here on Brave browser. Tried multiple times from different devices and IP’s - real users seem to have about a 50% success rate. Tried with all three different modes (invisible, non-interactive and managed) but didn’t get better results.

Here’s a QR code:

Hi @brettflan and @david73! We’ve identified the issue, and it’ll be fixed in the next release.


Awesome, thanks! Any (rough-) estimate on the release?

Sure, it’ll be in the new couple of days.


Tested again today, now it seems to be working fine in Chrome on both test sites. Almost every reload led to automatic success, and the very few checkbox challenges I did got led to passes once I checked the box. Other than a single fail after checking the box; I might ought to have gotten the QR for that one just in case. I couldn’t get any more fails after that one, though.

Actually, after a few more tests, got another checkbox challenge which resulted in a “Failure!” when I checked the box. Personally, this seems kind of strange; as a real person having to check a box to prove I’m human, it feels pretty odd to be then told that it was a Failure. Did I check the box like a bot, or something?

This is an image of the QR code for that particular failure.

At least it does normally refresh after 8 seconds, which seems like it will tend to almost always result in a pass the next time around.

That’s great to hear, we released the fix today. Thanks again for reporting this to us.

In that particular case, it looks like one of the HTTP requests failed when running Turnstile (perhaps due to a connectivity issue), resulting in that message. As you mentioned, after the refresh, it should pass as usual.

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