Another "This hostname is not covered by a certificate." error

I’ve searched the community quite a bit, but I haven’t found a solution that seems to apply to my situation.
I have a domain name registered through GoDaddy. My client purchased this company, shut down their website at the end of 2023, and now wants to redirect this domain name to their website instead. They tried this in GoDaddy, but it only worked on HTTP URLs and not HTTPS. They also want the naked domain and the www. version to both redirect to their website.
So, I created a free Cloudflare account, and in the GoDaddy control panel, I updated the DNS servers for this domain to start using Cloudflare’s DNS servers. A WhoIs search shows that the domain is now pointed to Cloudflare name servers. After some Google searches, it looks like this is a common problem with GoDaddy, but this StackExchange thread: offered a solution.

So, following those instructions and also this Cloudflare doc: I added two A records for this domain, per the screenshot below.

It doesn’t seem to be a problem with too deep sub-domains, and the name server changes have completed (I did that yesterday)

One thing I should point out; I had no idea what to specify for the IPv4 address for each A record. I used what was shown in the screenshot in the Cloudflare doc, but that was a total guess. I have no idea what IPv4 address to use, and haven’t found any documentation on how to come up with that address, either.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Your domain is currently not active on Cloudflare.

Post a screenshot of


Wow - I’m a bit embarrassed that I completely missed that step when setting things up. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. That completely fixed things. Thanks!!!


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