Another record shares the same name, so we've applied CNAME flattening

Hello. I have never had this issue before. I have added CNAME records and DNS trace shows the correct DNS but for record 1 @ I have an icon that says another record shares the same name, so we’ve applied CNAME flattening.

In WPEngine it says it’s being proxied, but the IP is incorrect: Proxied. Traffic is being served from this site, but your domain may be configured behind a proxy like Fastly or Cloudflare.

For www. I get this: No response. This domain did not respond to an HTTP request. It may not be a valid registered domain.

The site that appears is the old site, I am trying to launch the new site, but having these issues-which I’ve never had before. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

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Apart from some apparent firewall blocks on your site it loads fine on either address

But yes, a CNAME record should be on its own and not have another record with the same name. Just make sure your DNS records point to the right addresses (either IP addresses or hostnames) and you should be good. If something is unclear your host should be able to provide you with the correct data.

Thanks, Sandro,

However, those are pointing to the wrong IP address (old site)
Not sure why. I do have a support ticket in to cloudflare

Thanks again

Support can’t help you here. You need to make sure these wrong addresses get replaced with the right ones.

Yeah, I created a support ticket. They are set correctly, but for some reason it’s pulling old records.

Thanks for your help.


Can you post a screenshot of your DNS records?

These are the correct CNAME and A records, but pointing to another record. See screens below.


A Record

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The configured host shows

That would be the right site, correct?

Your cropped the DNS screen. Which nameservers are listed there?

Yep. That’s it. Rick and Diva are the nameservers.

The nameservers would be correct. From your screenshots it seems you also have a partner setup via your host, I could imagine that this overrides something. Try disabling that if you have a full setup.

Hmm. How do I do that? Thanks for all the help

Your host will have that setting somewhere and you might want to disable that. Your host might be able to help with that.

This is what WPE said. I still haven’t gotten any response from Cloudflare yet. UGH. Thanks again for your help.

eah, I haven’t seen anything like this. I’m not sure there’s anything we can do for it from our end, either. Everything about this sounds like a problem with the DNS in some way, which we have no direct management of. We’re just an endpoint for it to direct to. I’m thinking something else is amiss on the Cloudflare end, either some errors or some settings there. I can’t really find any other evidence pointing otherwise

Did they clarify if your account has a Cloudflare partner setup enabled? This is not clear from your screenshots.

Do you have any Worker installed?

No. It was just weird. I used google DNS and updated the records therea and it worked. So, hmmm

Thanks again

So you moved your domain off Cloudflare? If they do not have a partner setup and you do not have any Workers your only option to clarify this would be to open a support ticket with Cloudflare.

Yep. Never heard from cloudflare. I get 4 hour support because I’m a pro member. However, I got it up.

But it now is not on Cloudflare.

I’ll switch back once they resolve the issue. I needed it up today.

Hang on, I just noticed you have cached your whole site. You might want to clear your cache and try again.