Another outage today (4th in 20 days)


From last 2 hour. People serving from Singapore location getting 522 and 524 error frequently. I have reported the issue but Cloudflare is still serving indian users from singapore location. Please suggest what should I do?

Cloudflare status doesn’t show any issues with Singapore. It wouldn’t surprise me if something’s rate limiting or flat-out blocking Cloudflare’s IP address(es) in that region.

And if all else fails, get the Ray ID of a failed request and open a Support Ticket.
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.


@user3011, there were two outages recently (one because of Cloudflare, the other one because of a third party) but that does not mean it is a Cloudflare outage any time your site becomes unavailable :wink:


Hi Sandro,

There was a third outage yesterday or day before. Connecting to Origin server gave 522 error. Many users were affected by that.

4 days ago I submitted a ticket regarding IP Blocking issue #1717283 but onus of proving these issue in on us and not on Cloudflare. It would be very difficult to prove such IP blocking issue when is very limited data available and user do not have that much resources.

Sandro my issue is exactly like this.

In India I have checked with 4 ISP.

Airtel and Tikona working fine.

JIO and VSNL are not working fine. In every few pages there is either 522 or 524 error. Not always.

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