Another mess Err too many redirects


so i seem to have gotten myself into yet another mess
i was trying to deactivate cloudflare plugin and add cloudflare ssl plugin
but as soon as i deactivated the cloudflare plugin i can not access wp admin page any more and the website doesnt come up at all.


Which SSL setting are you using? Flexible? If so, I suggest you:

  1. Use the Cloudflare Crypto page and turn off Always Use HTTPS and Automatic HTTPS Rewrites
  2. Make sure those plugins are inactive. You may have to FTP in and delete the plugin folders from your wp-content/plugins/ directory

This should get you back to your old HTTP access.


Update: got the site back online but now i have a new mixed content soft error

Mixed Content - Errors
Soft Failure An image with an insecure url of “” was loaded on line: 1 of
Errors that are reported on line 1 are generally not part of the source code. This error may be caused by an external javascript file which is writing to the page, however we are unable to reliably detect these scripts in our automated test.

Got That Mess all sorted out finally thanks once again for all the help!

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