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If I have a domain registered with Cloudflare and it works well and I want to add another domain but point to the same ones that I am working on, what should I do?

Not quite sure what you mean by this… can you explain more?

I have a domain registered with Cloudflare, which I already made the DNS change provided by Cloudflare, where I already added, and it works correctly.

now I have another domain, which also adds the same DNS of the first domain that are Cloudflare, but it does not redirect. It gives me a link with this error.

what could he do there?

What is the domain with the issue?

The main domain is:

and the domain that I want to redirect is and is the one with the problem

So to confirm, you want to redirect


You can do this using page rules.

Yes it is!.

In short, you create a DNS record for the domain you want to redirect from set to :orange: and then set up a page rule - detailed in the articles above.

I do not understand when I add the type Then the settings are by Automatic HTTPS REWRITES. And this tells me that “Your URL should reference the domain ‘’ in some way”.

It is assumed that this is the idea, that the address of redireccione a

So, you need to set up the page rule under

In your account, not the one you are redirecting to. You can then choose ‘Forwarding URL’ as covered in the support article I linked to earlier. You will also need DNS records, as covered in the tutorial I also linked to.

Thanks for your advice … Now create the account for the domain in Cloudflare that I want to redirect and add in page rule the type of forwarding I want …

now I can only wait for the response time of the server.

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