Another domain using Cloudflare is pointing to my site

This is a very odd situation that I’m facing.

My website (suzukainternational[dot]co[dot]th) is being loaded on another domain (trueskinmate[dot]com) which I never added to my Cloudflare account.

I searched the community and found this thread (Another domain pointing to my site) saying it could be a reverse proxy.

However, how do I blacklist the IP of if they are behind Cloudflare? :sweat_smile:

The most likely cause is you’re both using the same web host, and the server is misconfigured.

Cloudflare will not change the hostname in the request to your server, so you’ll need to ask your host why it’s serving your content to requests for trueskinmate.

Thank you for the response.

I’m running the site on Runcloud (Rc) paired with Upcloud. And I’ve requested Rc to have a look after a few minutes publishing my original post.

Their response was…

Upon checking I could see that the sub pages of the domain are redirecting to your website

Unless there’s something really wrong with Rc, I doubt it’s to do with Upcloud.

Anyway… I’ve tried reaching Cloudflare’s support to get their advice too.

I use Runcloud. Is your Webapp set as the Default? I don’t use that setting for any of mine.

Nope, I don’t define that setting too.

The Rc engineer is looking deeper into my case to rule out any possible mis-configuration from the panel as well.

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Just to double-check, are requests for that other website showing up in your server logs?

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