Another domain pointing to my site

While doing a Google search I noticed that another domain is being pointed at my website. Can someone tell me [
How can I stop someone from displaying my website on his Domain.
please help me

Could you post your website domain name, and then their website domain name?


My Domain name is

And the Domain which is pointing on me is is pointing their domain to my website

How can I stop him from displaying my website on his domain?

Please sir help me .

Looks like they are reverse proxying your domain via nginx. I sometimes get a 403, which probably means their site is getting rate limited by your server


(This needs to be on your server, not CF) Try blacklisting the IP address, and see if it stops their site from working. If not, visit a few pages from their domain and check your own server’s access log files to see what IP address they’re using to proxy your server.

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