Another Cloudflare customer is impersonating us

We host our DNS on Cloudflare.

Another Cloudflare customer has registered fake versions of our domain and is using it to run phishing / scam websites. I’ve attempted to report this as abuse and use the proper forms and methods, but all I get back is a canned message saying nothing can be done.

Is that really true? There must be some way to get urgent help when bad actors are using a trademarked name/logo and running their DNS through Cloudflare?

Sorry for the issues.

If you reported the site to Abuse approach - Cloudflare and received an email confirmation, the report has been submitted successfully. When you submit an abuse report at Abuse approach - Cloudflare you will receive a confirmation email with a confirmation code in the Subject. While the Trust and Safety team reviewed the details of your report, that may be the only reply you receive.

You can also report the site to your relevant local authorities. Complaints cannot be escalated via this forum.

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