Another Cloudflare and Wordfance post

Hi all. I know, this is another post about Wordfance working with Cloudflare. My issue is not new and I’ve been reading from many other user with the same problem, spent an entire day reading from blogs, forums, support tickets etc for a solution, tried all the suggestions and approaches but with no success.

I’m trying to add a website and I keeps hanging at “Testing that Wordfence Central is able to communicate with this site.”

I’m using hosting services where I already disabled all their CDN, cache and other related plugins, already deleted all code to in the .htaccess file, already white listed all the IPs in the Cloudflare firewall and created access rules and still not working, so there must be something that is missing to me.

Since I’m not familiar with both Wordfence and Cloudflare, is there anyone able to help me and try to figure out and fix this??

Thank you all.

Do you actually use Wordfence Central? I do, and had to add their IP addresses to my Firewall → Tools: IP Access Rules

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