Another Bluehost Support Fail, please help 502 error


Recently my site has been returning Error: 502 quite often and having looked at the guidance here for troubleshooting that issue I contacted Bluehost who host my site. They were quick again to suggest I bypass Cloudflare and do everything through them which I obviously don’t want to do and is extremely unhelpful. Essentially I need a new hosting provider but I have another 10 months or so of hosting with them paid for already so that’s not an option yet. The dropped connections are damaging my site views and quite frankly annoying when you are trying to make edits to the site or publish posts and when you go to save the connection drops and you have to start over.
I’m not a very tech savvy person so I’m hoping anyone here knows how to resolve the connection issue seeing as Bluehost support are useless.


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