Another 525 Handshake Fail Issue

Sorry about that… It’s that I really don’t know what I’m talking about (which is frustrating for everyone!).

I was poking around on my CPanel in godaddy and it showed that my certificate expired. I THINK I properly re-created it in Cloudflare and have it in GoDaddy. Is this instant or does it take a little time? I’m still seeing the intermittent issue.

I would consider hiring someone if you dont feel comfortable managing this yourself.

If your certificate expired that will also explain errors. Again, your site needs to load fine onHTTPS whren paused. As long as it doesnt it cannot work on cloudflare either.

make sure it does and it will work on cloudflare as well

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Does it take a while for the certificate information to propagate? I paused CF and am getting: NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID

whats the domain?

boatclubsoftware . com

all right you have a valid certificate now.

unpause cloudflare and verify your encryption mode is full strict


But, now still seeing the intermittent 525 error.

at this point its not a certificate issue any more but rather a network issue, cloudflare cant connect

this is usually because the server blocks or filters the cloudlare proxies. make sure that the addresses from IP Ranges are not blocked. clarify this with your host as well as this might be a firewall issue

also take a look at Community Tip - Fixing Error 525: SSL handshake failed

Hmm… but, GoDaddy said it was an issue with Cloudflare’s firewall… godaddy said they don’t have a firewall on that account.

What’s very strange is that this has all worked for years… and, I have another domain set up identically that works perfectly (as this one did up until a few days ago).

i am afraid i would strongly suggest to switch host as your current one is known for its bad service

cloudflare has a firewall but this is unrelated here, something at your host will block these connections and only your host can tell what

my advice get a proper host :slight_smile:

That’s… complicated.

Is there anything I can ask/tell them to look at? Is there any troubleshooting I can do so I can say something other that, “it’s you, fix it”?

aforementioned 525 article has all that information

something on their network will drop the ssl connection. but only they can tell what. could be a firewall could be a security proxy could be the webserver

Is there something I can tell them… this IP is being blocked? or something like that?

as mentioned

When I pause cloudflare, I get the “your connection is not private” message. Is this correct? I thought if I paused CF then nothing would change and it would prove it’s not a CF issue. Is this not so?

that is because you are using an origin certificate

sorry but you are mixing issues here, this is not about the certificate anymore but about a network issue

Got it.

Is it possible to change what proxy is being used on the cloudflare side?